The Big Boobies Show!



So, yeah…a few months ago I decided to jump on the “boob job” bandwagon in SL and bought a pair of LOLAs Tangos. Honestly, for photos, you can’t beat them. Although not entirely natural looking, because…well…gravity doesn’t exist in SL, fortunately…they look much more natural than the breasts that Linden Lab give us to work with. The system breasts, as I’m sure my fellow SLers can agree with, look jagged and blocky in photos if you take those sliders too high. Past 30 is evidently too high. I do try to search out clothes which keep it sexy, but classy (um, we won’t talk about what I wear in private, though..m’kay?) and at first that was difficult to find. The Big Boobie Show going on right now in SL is packed with things that a fashionista can wear while waving her boob job flag high. I think this dress is one of the nicest I’ve seen as far as that goes:



And it includes the collar and purse, as well as a very cute top to wear without the mesh breasts, which is always a nice option to have for the days you just want to go small.


=Zenith=Lolas (black) (For Lolas Tango Only)
[mock]Party all night/Indifference Shadow Grey
“”D!va”” Hair “Asami” (Type A)(Citrine)
Koketka – *Eyelashes v.18*
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
+:+WTG+:+ **Dignity**
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[Gos] Marilyn Sandals – Black Patent –
[MyDear]Tonia Skin–Medium 5
IKON Ardent Eyes – Platinum

As always, thank you for reading and Happy Hump Day, People. 🙂




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