World Goth Fair, #1


I visited the World Goth Fair 2 nights ago, and I must say that I was highly impressed with both the builds and the lovely lack of lag. In my experience, fairs are lag-fests, and I usually wait a week to go to cut down on attempting to wade through the “sludge”, but I experienced very little to no lag at WGF, and the sims were far from empty. This, people, is how you do a fair.

I had seen this make-up, which also comes with a lip optioin, on Flickr, by Shyntae Demonista and PMD and knew I immediately had to have it. The dress from MV was a perfect accompaniment and I totally gothed it out for this look. The skin is lovely, and FREE…yes, FREE, from Tuty’s and you get many different options. I think it’s the best bargain I’ve ever ‘bought’ in a free skin, and I use it often for goth or dark looks. My slinky, SLink thigh highs completed the look and I was in goth-heaven. Hell? Either way, Mad Pea Carnivale was the perfect setting for this dark look



PMD – Evilyn (eyes only) (available at World Goth Fair)
Koketka-*Eyelashes v.18*
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
:{MV}: Bad Habit Dress (S) Vitae (available at World Goth Fair)
Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Average Black
[e] Follow – Black 04
TuTy’s – LUCINE Gothic skin – without age red lip (free)
{D.A.} Sinistre Eyes-Horror Edition – Madness

So, go get your “goth” on, folks, and visit the fair while it’s still there. Tons of stores and cool items to choose from while donating to a worthy cause, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, more info here

Thanks for reading and have a very “gothy” day!




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