Shopping And Room 69


I had to hit up the Room 69 event, which features different designers and everything with a price of L69, and I found some really great things. My favorite is this sweet little dress from, once again, one of my favorite stores, Dead Dollz. It’s a two-tone cute mesh mini, with a ruched bottom and a figure hugging fit. It can be worn casually, or you can dress up a little bit for a date night. I chose to wear it shopping, as you can see…mostly because of these cute poses, also found at Room 69. I’m of the firm opinion that you can never have too many poses, and as soon as I saw this set, I had to have it. Shopping poses?? Heck yeah! Perfect for me! Since it’s one of my favorite past-times, I figured I should commemorate it. My sweet guy was nice enough to be understanding when I returned home with my haul. Of course, I did explain that it was all on sale. *grins*Image




Izzie’s – Delusional Eyeshadow blue
*Alice Project* Steph II – Create Your Own
– Shoes Helena – 12colors R / REDGRAVE
.::DD::. Eve – (available exclusively at the Room 69 event)
MG –  Barcelona –
[MyDear]Tonia Skin–Medium 3
IKON Vanity Eyes – Denim
Poses: IOS Shopping Poses Pack 2 (available at Room 69 event)

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.




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