New Pose And Props



I don’t normally blog poses although I use tons of them. I’m a huge fan of poses with props…I think that props add interest to a photo when you want that in one of your pictures. Some fashion posts look best against a plain backdrop, but I tend to like to take my photos in interesting and relevant environments, and the use of props makes it more fun. When I saw this newest prop with poses from Diesel Works, I hopped right over and picked it up. I think there are a total of 9 poses included with the well-made basketball, but I only used 5 in these pics. Then I headed off to Gawk! and picked up this cute little sporty outfit, which comes as separates but has several coordinating pieces you can buy to mix and match. Unfortunately for me, it’s not mesh, but it’s still adorable and a sweet outfit to wear when you’re feeling like a sports star, or just want to play a few games. 

I admit to not copying the SLurls for this look, and when I log back into Second Life tomorrow, I will attempt to make an effort to add those to this post. However, I’m not making promises. There are quite a few hours between now and then, and I can’t guarantee I won’t forget. 🙂 But I will do my best to add them.



Credits (as is):

Poses: Diesel Works-Bounce

Skin: MyDear-Tonia

Hair: Truth

Outfit: Gawk

Sneakers: Sn@tch (HUD-controlled customization)

Eyes: IKON-Ascension Eyes-Poltergeist

As always, thank you for reading and I hope that your Monday was kind to you.




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