Ricielli At TDR Fusion


It’s a new round of The Dressing Room Fusion (where the majority of items are between L40 and L70) and they have some really nice things this round. I’ve also noticed a couple of new designers who have added their wares to the mix, so that was nice to see. My favorite outfit is this blazer and high-waisted pants from Ricielli. They are sold as separates, but together are less than what you normally pay for just one item…and, MESH! The pants fit perfectly and I love the realistic texturing and folds. The blazer can be worn with or without the plan white t-shirt underneath, so if you’re feeling very daring, you can leave that off and go full-out sexy. I added some splash of color to the monochromatic look with this hair, which is available from Tameless at the Hair Fair. While I adore mesh, and tend to now avoid any longer prim hairstyles (because I’m not a fan of the way it cuts into your body), I think that flexi-prims still work great with shorter hair and adds a nice movement and flow to your look. So, go shopping, take a walk in the park or wear it on a date..it’s a great outfit for any and all of the above.


Ricelli At TDR_004

Credits for this look:

*** Just You Jewels *** Necklace Myself/Yourself
– Sunglasses NEO / V1.1 – REDGRAVE
Ricielli Mesh – Highwaisted Leather Pants /striped (available at TDR Fusion)
Ricielli Mesh – Spiked Blazer /white (available at TDR Fusion)
Tameless Dori – Naturals (at The Hair Fair)
[Gos] Marilyn Sandals – Black Patent –
[MyDear]Tonia Skin–Medium 1

The weekend is on it’s way, folks, and since we’re experiencing some cooler weather after scorching temps and high humidity, I’m finding myself feeling much more comfortable and ready for some weekend fun. I hope you are, too! Take care!




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