Beachwear From Zaara



Once again, I am probably a little late to the party, but while visiting Zaara yesterday, and checking out her new mesh items, this sweet little bikini and cover-up immediately caught my eye. Zaara doesn’t have a lot of mesh so far, but what’s there is unique and very high quality. The textures for her mesh are amazingly well-done and realistic, and these items are no different. In fact, I think she raised the bar with these. The bikinis are available in a ton of colors, and the cover-ups, which can be worn with or without something underneath (but are super-sheer so be careful if you wear nothing underneath, Ladies), are designed to match well with the various bikini colors. In fact, mixing and matching will still result in an incredibly lovely look. Zaara’s mesh is among the more expensive mesh, I have to say, but well worth the lindens if you have them. The bikinis are all done in pretty metallic textures and and the details on the cover-ups, which also uses materials for the gold accenting, are so soft and pretty you might never want to take it off. I can easily imagine spending the entire rest of my summer wearing nothing but this outfit. Note: Be careful, though. I purchases the Coral color of the cover-up, and was a little disappointed to see that there was a ‘small’ mistake in that the “s” mesh size in the Coral pack was actually the Pearl shade. Unfortunately, I wear a “s” in most mesh, and this was no exception, so although I didn’t buy the Pearl, it’s the one I ended up wearing. Zaara is currently on vacation, and her manager, Strawberry Singh, is unable to unable to replace the mistake with the correct version at this time. I’m sure that once Zaara is made aware, or returns from vacation, she will send the correct shade.

I couldn’t wait to wear and blog this, though, and the Pearl is lovely in it’s own right. Just not really the color that I wanted. Meh. Mistakes happen and creators aren’t infallible.



>TRUTH< Vanessa – pecan
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Zaara : [Mesh] Naisha Bikini *gold*
Zaara : [Mesh] Ria coverup *pearl*
-Glam Affair – Zara – India Clean D
IKON Ascension Eyes – Bronze

Thanks for reading, and TGIF!!!!




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