Loving Collabor88 This Round



It took 2 days to get into it, but I really love this edition of Collabor88. There is so much to see and so many great items. I’ve been very disappointed in the last few rounds of the event, but this one more than makes up for it. I, however, weep at the current state of my linden balance, and it’s all because of the great stuff available! I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, what’s a shopping addict to do in this circumstance, but spend every penny she has. Yes, yes, I know…I should show some restraint, but really, where’s the fun in THAT?

My favorite purchase is this set of nightclothes from Fashionably Dead. It has such a great leather look to it and give you serious sex appeal, without being raunchy. I paired it with the hair from Alice Project (and I adore their new ‘create your own’ color options, especially since I’m a big fan of buying hair packs, NOT fatpacks, which provide you with several different basic hair color options) and accessorized it with this glittery flowered headband which I had lurking in my inventory. It’s mod, so the ability to tint it to whatever color I want makes for a major ‘happy dance’ moment for me.



Credits for this look:

Izzie’s – Tears + Redness Tattoo more intense
(fd) Roaring Night Clothes (at Collabor88)
*Alice Project* Mary [Unrigged] – Create Your Own (at Collabor88)
[IREN] Headband “Flower” red
-Glam Affair – Katya – Jamaica 05 C (at Collabor88)
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Brown
flowey.heirloom cigarette holders and poses (at Collabor88)

So, if you haven’t made it to Collabor88 this round, and it might take you a few tries since the sim seems to be almost constantly full so far, I really think you should. And then join me in a good ugly cry when you see the amount of lindens you spend.




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