From The 24



Here are a couple of the lovely things I picked up at The 24 event. I still haven’t gone through everything there, so I’m looking forward to getting back this weekend for a little bit more shopping. I really love this delicate gown from Masoom. I’d never heard of that store, but I’m thinking I now need to go check out what else they may have on offer. The gown is mesh with a couple of prim skirt attachments, which give it a nice flow when you walk. There’s also a sculpted collar, but I didn’t include that in the photos so that I could also highlight this lovely collar necklace from Pure Poison, which I thought was a steal at L199. I really adore the entire look of this outfit, and can’t wait to wear it out dancing just to see how it really moves when you’re in action.



Credits for this look:

PP – Alena Golden Necklace (available at The 24)
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
TRUTH HAIR Denee – LightBrowns05Fade
[[ Masoom ]] MIA dress (available at The 24)
[MyDear]Tonia Skin–Tan 1
IKON Eternal Eyes – Pool

To all of my American friends, I wish you a happy Labor Day weekend, and to all of my non-American friends, I wish you just a lovely weekend…period. 




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