The Seasons Story



Once again, I am celebrating the impending arrival of Autumn (as I eye the approaching storm clouds which will hopefully cut this awful humidity to a reasonable level), and I’m doing it today with some pretty things available at The Seasons Story. This was a difficult shopping trip for me…there was so much I wanted, but I had only my self-allowed allotment of lindens to spend, so I tried to stick with only those items which really caught my eye, and which I couldn’t resist. And you can see the result. First off, I adore this sweater from B.C.C. for it’s amazing softness, which can be seen in the texturing. It reminds me of a sweater I own in RL, with the same look to it. I paired it with this cute below-the-knee lace skirt from Pesca. I’ll admit I’ve never heard of this store before, and am looking forward to visiting their main location to see what else they have available, because the quality of the skirt is to die for, I have to say. The fall ankle boots from Leonard also drew my attention almost immediately, and I’m debating heading back for a few other colors after this weekend, when I have a little more to spend. I’m also a fan of Diva hair, especially the styles with the soft, loose tendrils around your face, so of course had to snatch this style up. It comes with a pretty leaf crown, which I opted to turn off for these pictures (and because I’ve already seen a half ton of photos with the hair) and which completed my look, much to my happiness.

The Seasons Story is well worth the trip. The prices are reasonable, there are some great designers included (did I point out this delicate skin from Al Vulo yet?) and the set up stay well in theme. A pretty happy experience for me, all in all.




“”D!va”” Hair “Kalli2” (Brown diamond) (at The Seasons Story)
::LEONARD:: My Autumn Lace-Boots ❤ -brown- (at The Seasons Story)
:pesca:lace skirt brown (at The Seasons Story)
B.C.C Breakfast At Tiffany’s knit Ivory (at The Seasons Story)
Garage *Eyelashes v.5*
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
al vulo- Berry*  natural dark brow claveage sunkissed (at The Seasons Story)
AL vulo ! * anemone autumn eyes (part of the Al Vulo Berry skin package)

The storm is hitting now, folks, so I’m going to log for now, and hope my computer lives to allow me to post another day. Thanks for reading!




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