The Creatures & Sax Shepherd Shoes



They say a woman’s place is in the kitchen, no? I took that to heart, and here I am. Ooohhh…do you think maybe they meant as in ‘cooking’? Can’t say I do much of that in this particular kitchen, but it has it’s other uses. *grins* And while I’m comfortably sitting my bottom on the counter while waiting for my hard-working builder to come back to me, I thought I’d show off this cute little men’s nightshirt, with hat and garter, from The Creatures. Believe me, it’s just as comfy and sexy as it looks. But nothing is more comfortable than wearing a nice oversize shirt while hanging out at home. Along with the shirt, I’m wearing these awesomely cute and versatile shoes from Sax Shepherd Designs. I have to admit…I love blogging his creations when Sax passes them on to me. I’ve never been disappointed in anything I’ve received from him, and these shoes are no exception. I’m displaying what he calls The Whole Damn Pack, which gives you many, many HUD controlled options. The notecard that accompanied the pack:

The Flirt Cross Strap Mules from Sax Shepherd Designs is a casual open-toe mule that is right at home on the beach, at the club, or accenting that little black dress you keep on hand to shake up every room you walk into.

Easy to follow HUD driven options provide you with sizing and fitting choices as well as texture change features.

This sassy, versatile design provides oddles of possibilities with multiple materials-ready heel/base, inner sole, metal rivet, and strap textures.

Individual pairs feature:
* One strap design
* Five base/heels (black leather, black leather with red under-sole, cherry wood, light wood, and medium wood)
* Five inner soles (flat black, glossy black, champagne suede, cocoa suede, red suede)
* Three metal rivets (carbide, gold, and silver)

Six-Packs and the Whole Damn Pack feature multiple strap options as well.

Because the Flirts are modify, you can also customize and tint elements to your own liking.”

That should be all of the information you need to go check out this sweet little mules, which can go with just about anything you own…from casual jeans to formalwear, and yes, even a men’s shirt! So, Ladies, go get your shoe on!



! !SSD ~ Shoes ~ Flirt Cross Strap Mules (WDP) ~
(r)M Hair No.15’13 ~ Brown Cocoa
*** Just You Jewels *** Bracelet Dark & Bad right
*** Just You Jewels *** I love You F new gen.
Koketka – *Eyelashes v.20*
*The Creatures* Night Mafia Pink
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
-Glam Affair – Candy – America – 03 C (at The Arcade)
IKON Ardent Eyes – Chocolate

Thanks for reading, and just remember…Friday is just around the very next corner, my friends.




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