Dead Dollz At Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion Week



I am so excited to show you these gorgeous gowns created by Kiddo Oh, the owner of Dead Dollz, and available at Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, which started on the 29th. First up is my favorite of the two, this impressive monochromatic gown called Rowena. Elegant and breathtaking in it’s detail, it’s a gown any woman would be proud to wear to a formal occasion or ball. The skirt absolutely flows down your body, and you can almost hear the slippery rustle of the silk as you walk. The folds are beautifully done and the design is definitely unique. Believe me, all eyes will be on you when you walk into a room adorned in this marvelous creation. I can honestly say that this gown has moved to the top of my ‘must wear’ list the next time my guy takes me dancing at Frank’s. I had to accessorize this in a dramatic way, so chose the collar and earrings from Pure Poison and this lovely butterfly headpiece from Sascha’s Designs. Because, truly, it’s a dramatic gown and completely irresistible.



Next up is Ligeia, sexy and sultry in red. The texturing and shadowing are very well done, and I fell in love with the soft bubble ruffles which cascade down the skirt in a waterfall of loveliness. Another gorgeously unique design with a softness and suppleness to the fabric that you can almost physically feel. Just imagine the look on your date’s face as you sashay toward him as the skirt gently sways around your hips and legs. It’s a tiny bit more understated than Rowena, but not by much. Not only am I excited to show you this gown, I’m excited to try it out ‘live’ as soon as possible. I’m such a girl, I know…but I can’t help it! Pretty girly things make me almost swoon with delight, and this gown is the swooniest (okay, yeah, I make up words as I go along, I know).





Details for the first look:

PP – Brandy Set Black & Silver
.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Rowena Gown – Avenue F/W FW 2013
SAS – Butterfly Black Sculpt Hat
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
[e] Comfort – Red 08
{mE} Blackout Bracelets
Glam Affair – Margot – India Clean – Red
IKON Perspective Eyes – Oxidation

Details for the 2nd look:

[mock]Darkened Mood Garnets Makeover
“”D!va”” Hair “Tina” (Type B)(Brown diamond)
+:+WTG+:+ **Kaleidoscope-silver** choker
.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Ligeia Gown – Avenue F/W FW 2013
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
[MyDear]Tonia Skin–Tan 1
IKON Perspective Eyes – Oxidation (September VIP Group Gift)

Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion Week runs from September 29 through October 5th, and I’ve heard there are a ton of great things there to see, although I have yet to visit. After Wednesday, when I can re-up my lindens a little, I am hitting the Avenue! Something sweet to look forward to on Hump Day. When Fashion Week ends, the gowns will be available at the Dead Dollz inworld location. You cannot miss these gowns, Ladies!

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!





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