Sax Shepherd Designs At The Fantasy Faire


Just a quick post to show you the RLF donations items from Sax Shepherd which are available at this year’s Fantasy Faire. I have ot first say that I wasn’t impressed, overall, by the offerings at the Fantasy Faire this year as compared to the last couple of years. While I did pick up some nice things, I didn’t come even close to busting the linden budget I had set aside for it. But that’s okay…gives me more to use at the Fantasy Gacha Festival which started today, and at which I would have broke the bank if SL had been acting nice and acknowledged that I even HAD a linden balance, rather than showing L-1 as soon as I tried my first Gacha machine. *sighs sorrowfully* And THAT was after trying for an hour to get in. 😦

However, I remembered this lovely items from SSD, and was instantly cheered! The Fantasy Faire is not lost, after all! These lovely harlequin themed items are textured well, and so much fun to wear! He also has the boots available there in various texture options, so please stop and take a look. They’re really great items, and probably among the very best on offer this year!


I’m not posting a bunch of credits, as I need to get to sleep soon to start my first day at a new job tomorrow! Exciting RL stuff going on right there. Just know that the corset, boots and jewelry are all from SSD. The skin is my usual Romy from Glam Affair, the head piece is from Boudoir and the panties are from Izzie’s (I think) with the appliers for my Cute Azz. 🙂

Thanks for reading and enjoy your fantasy shopping!




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