21Shoe June

Another round of 21Shoe starts at midnight, and I have a few samples of the lovely buys available for you at this round. First up is from G&D – Janis Polka Dot in 2 different patterns with metal change HUD, available for Maitreya, SLink and TMP:

21Shoe June-G&D-Janis-Polka Dot


From Eclectica – Steamgoth Laced Boots in Indigo & Rust:

21Shoe June-Eclectica Steamgoth Laced Boots-Collage


From KC – Leonie Sandals in denim and brown, for SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and Eve:

21Shoe June-KC-Leonie


From Essenz – Malibu in Floral Pink and Floral Green, for SLink, Maitreya:

21Shoe June-Essenz-Malibu


From KoKoia we have Stiletto in olive and blue for SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP:

21Shoe June-Kokoia-Stiletto


Finally, from ChicChica, there’s both Diana in denim and Sesa in denim for SLink and Maitreya:

21Shoe June-ChicChica-Diana & Sesa


Happy June 21st!




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